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We train, match, and onboard talent to on-demand projects

Dojo is a decentralized talent ecosystem designed to fulfil the talent gap in Web3 and Gaming industries


Our approach

to talent

Dojo Talent focuses on building a community of credible talent ready to build the future of work. We know that gaining experience to build expertise is unnecessarily long, too vague to approach alone and even harder to navigate as a junior hoping to develop expertise.

This is why Dojo Talent focuses on building a system to help you better utilize your junior days, and give you a clear roadmap and access to industry giants to learn from. 

A fresh take on talent

Designing and implementing a system focused on talent comes with a new understanding of talent. As Dojo Talent, we offer different methods of engagement with our talent pool to create a win-win situation for any skill-level or company size.


Why gaming

& web3 talent?

We believe the skills required for building video games & web3 tools go hand in hand when it comes to building the future of work.

As Dojo Talent we believe by focusing on the talent & technologies that build games & web3 tools today, we get to create a future-ready workforce who will become the creators of the future.


The Dojo Method

Taken at face value, Dojo is written as "a place of the way" in Japanese. Our interpretation of this phrase is as a place to direct you to the right path you want to go on.  We position it as an intermediary space to regroup, rest, learn, and replenish before the next big thing. To us, a Dojo is any place that prepares you for the steps ahead. 

Every tool needed to become a sensei

As Dojo talent, we aim to provide any and all the resources we can in your journey to becoming an Expert. These can be experimental projects, mentors, challenges or community events where you get to meet people like you to improve both yourself and those around you.

The Dojo Method


Our Clientele

Our clients are motivated to help Dojo Talent bridge the talent gap present in Web3 & Gaming industries.  They provide us with training grounds and enable our Core Talent to experiment and improve themselves.

Compant Mask.png

The Dojo Community

These high-level attributes help you find your place within a pool of like-minded individuals. 

Our Talent Journey

As Dojo talent, we aim to provide any and all the resources we can in your journey to becoming an Expert.

These can be experimental projects, mentors or critical touchpoints to skyrocket progress.




Core Mask.png


Core Talent

Core Talent is the talent with potential that has not been revealed yet. Once Core Talent becomes a part of the Dojo Community, they will be ready to conduct projects within no time.

Expert Mask.png


Expert Pool

Experts are those whose expertise is proven through their experiences in past projects, and ready to add value to the future projects. 

Partner Mask.png


Partner Level

Partners are individuals with proven expertise and record who are positioned to improve the initiatives taken by Dojo Talent as integral parts of the community.

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