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Community Rules and Rules of Engagement


  1. Please be kind.

  2. Do not spam! Please don’t post the same thing in multiple channels, double-post, overuse any kind of gifs/stickers/memes, etc.

  3. Please don’t post any kind of advertising, promotional content, referral, or affiliate links unless you have permission.

  4. Do not post or request personally identifying information, other than Dojo Team.

  5. Please keep channels on topic & read channel descriptions before posting.

  6. Do not share private keys, passwords, or payment information with anyone!

  7. No price talk, speculation, shilling, spam, solicitations, or OTC requests/offers are allowed.

!!!Please be aware that scams, spam, disrespectful, and inappropriate content will be deleted, and breaking the rules may result in being banned from the server!!!

Be Careful!

  1. You can always report the activity you notice as a spam/scam.

  2. Clicking on links or downloading any files from people you don't know is probably a bad idea.

  3. We don’t recommend sending any funds to anyone you don’t know.

  4. Private keys and passwords are called private for some reason.

Please check:


Please visit for further information.

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