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Freqently Asked Questions

You can find anything you need to know about Dojo Talent here

  • What is Dojo Talent?
    Dojo Talent is a talent network that spacializes in Gaming and Web3. Dojo Talent enables companies to reach out to flexible and skilled &amp on-demand talent. The purpose of Dojo Talent is not only to bring together talent and companies but also to create a community of people of all levels interested in Gaming and Web3 to feed of each other.
  • How is Dojo Talent different?
    Dojo Talent is not only a talent platform to recruit talent. It is a community that enables its members to come together with other people who are interested in the industry. Dojo Talent aims to create an environment where all community members can develop themselves by being in touch with talents of all levels. Also, Dojo Talent is different than other freelancer platforms since; 1- It is focused on gaming & Web3, 2- Dojo Talent takes 0% of what talent makes, unlike the other gig workforce platforms.
  • How can Talents apply for jobs?
    Please visit and our Discord to become a part of the community, you will be directed to the next steps.
  • How can Companies reach out to Talents?
    Please visit and our Discord, you will be directed to the next steps.
  • What type of talent does Dojo Talent attract?
    Dojo Talent aims to attract all kinds and levels of talent in the Gaming & Web3 industries.
  • How does Dojo Talent make money?
    Dojo talent distributes work to its talent ecosystem and makes sure all parties earn from the transaction. On top of that, Dojo charges a flat fee on transactions. At the moment, we are just building out foundations, and likely to re-visit our model based on our community's feedback.
  • How does Talent make money on Dojo Talent?
    Dojo Talent does not take any fees from talent for each project, so talents can charge and earn pure market rates on the marketplace without any cuts. Hourly rates are set by talent and depending on skill levels, experience, and location. Projects that require full-time work can be variable or fixed prices.
  • How does payment work?
    Payments and invoicing happen directly on the Dojo Talent platform. 1. Talent sends invoice. 2. Talent and client agree on invoicing frequency (normally every two weeks or every month). 3. Talent invoices the client directly from the job posting on the Dojo Talent platform. 4. The client pays the invoice to Dojo Talent. 5. Dojo Talent pays the talent.
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