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Play is the Point: How UX designers can break into the gaming industry

UX design stands for user experience design and if you’re in the gaming industry, or Web3 in general, it is an essential component for your job. Especially when it comes to creating successful websites and applications!

UX designers? Who are they?

“What do UX designers do?” you may ask… Basically, they manage the process of designing a user interface that ensures the best possible user experience! This emerges with the gaming industry’s enormous market and creates its own trends and techniques.

How can someone be a UX designer?

Let’s face the truth and admit it: If you’re into becoming a UX designer, your work will largely depend on the gaming industry. So, it means that you should have a special interest in this area, or at least be familiar with the concept. Having a solid foundation in industrial design and a smooth transition from UI art can help you become a UX designer. Being skilled in these expertise fields makes your work easier!


1. For PC and console platforms

Big studio games and AAA games are played on the PC or console platforms. This is why the work you are going to do on these devices must be detailed and well-organized. But while doing this, you have to simplify the interface and in-game features for players to have a better experience. Also, you can build a whole new atmosphere through your design. How can you do that? It’s easy to answer!

  • Create character setup screens to give players an engaging experience with the game

  • Help users to navigate game UI elements

  • Work on game mechanics to improve ease of play and eliminate complications

Cyberpunk 2077 character creation screen

2. For mobile devices

It takes smaller groups of UX designers when it comes to mobile devices. Since it’s not as detailed and big as it’s on the PCs or console platforms, they tend to be direct UX designer groups. Their main focus is simple and mostly the interface itself. Players don’t have big screens, so they’re in need of a basic user interface and gaming experience. But joyful, at the same time. How can mobile UX designers create this?

  • By creating intuitive player gestures

  • By placing enough to play information without taking up too much space on the screen

What’s UX design good for the gaming industry?

UX design is focused on creating user-centric experiences. The gaming industry is evolving and developing day by day. This rapid change creates more complex games. It also raises expectations as a player. They are most likely to expect an intuitive and seamless experience that is easy to navigate and understand.

This is where the UX designers come in, right on time! They can help game developers achieve their goals by providing insights into player behavior and preferences. How? As we’ve said above, by creating interfaces and game mechanics that are both engaging and easy to use.

Ghost of Tsushima game mechanics

But that’s not it, of course. There is more to talk about UX design’s benefits. Such as… Accessible games. Don’t forget that games are supposed to be entertaining and relaxing, not irritating with their bugs and difficulties to play for any kind of person. Including those with disabilities. UX designers can help game developers ensure that their games are designed to reach everyone. How? By incorporating some basic, yet crucial features: larger text, color contrast, and customizable controls…

Lastly, UX designers are momentous about creating fun and profitable games at the same time! They are cut out for the job… Because a good designer can cooperate with game developers for finding the right balance between player experience and monetization.

If you want to create engaging, accessible, and profitable games; prioritize UX design asap! The user-centered approach in game design is rule-breaking… Take the wind at your back and show off your best work!


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