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Stop Glorifying Overworking

Overpacked schedules and workweeks beyond 40 hours are the new normal of today's fast-paced society. There seems to be building a culture of glorifying overwork. A culture where people believe that the more they work, the more successful and productive they will be. But this belief can be tricky for both personal well-being and work productivity.

The Pitfalls of Overworking

Hard work is important, it’s crucial to create impactful work as a freelancer. But overworking can lead to burnout and physical and mental health issues. It can also cause problems with reduced productivity. It’s been shown with studies that working more than 50 hours per week can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and depression.

No Glory in Overworking

There's no glory in overworking, this is certain. We should focus on working smarter, prioritizing tasks, and taking breaks when needed; instead of pushing ourselves to work longer hours. Creating a work-life balance that allows us to pursue our personal interests and hobbies outside of work must be a freelancer’s main goal.

Prioritize Your Well-being

Don’t join the cycle of glorifying overwork. If you are looking for the key to long-term success with productivity, then prioritize your well-being. Focus on creating a culture that values your a healthy balance between your personal and freelancer life.


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