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Top Tips & Rescources for Programmers in 2023

Today’s business world shapes the industry as a competitive ground. To remain, you must level up your programming skills and knowledge as a programmer. This is how you can stand out among qualified and talented programmers.

Easy to say, but is it easy to do? With our 6 essential tips, you can help yourself improve as a programmer:

1) Improve Your Efficiency

The best way to have a comfortable workflow is to finish your work without rushing. But how? Speed, of course! If you gather resources that can help you work faster, and learn shortcuts to your work; you can improve your efficiency. Don’t hesitate to work with a good project manager who can help you manage your time effectively!

2) Expand Your Field of Expertise

Knowing yourself as an expert is important. But don’t hide behind the comfort of similar works. They won’t do any good in the long run. Try to discover your hidden talents as a programmer. Choose challenging opportunities, and expand your skills and knowledge. Always create time to learn new languages and specialties. Courses? Take ‘em! Stretch yourself, expand your field and the horizons of expertise.

3) Focus on Fundamentals

Do you have solid fundamentals? Then you can adapt to changes easily. Because you’ll always know your center even when you spin away. Take some time to understand the principles of your work. Try to comprehend the basics of programming languages. You can gain the ability to easily adapt to new technologies and trends by understanding the fundamentals of your work.

4) Master Perennial Technologies

How fast you run, you cannot run away from the obligation of keeping up with the latest technological developments… Because this is your job, basically… And not to mention that some technologies have become pretty fundamental, you know? They don’t get old, and they guide the trends. Master your expertise in these technologies. At least one of them!

5) Improve Your Business Sense

You’re a programmer, but you’re a freelance programmer. That means you are not only an expert but also a business owner. This is exactly why you should be the one who measures the temperature of the industry. Constantly. But to measure and comment on it right, you have to gain a solid "business sense." Well, you can buy it, unfortunately. But if you want a successful business life as a freelance programmer, you must be an expert in time management, marketing, budgeting, and accounting in order to do that.

6) Go Out!

Oh, please! Don’t you dare to spend your whole time on your couch, and in front of your computer. We know that it’s easy to get caught in the burden of your work. Especially when you’re a freelance programmer. But this, folks, is one of the biggest harms you can do to your mental health. Clear your mind and body by taking breaks. Go out, walk down the streets, get some fresh air, and get involved in life. Always check yourself, and make sure that you are a part of your own life.

We are here to back you up with our support and opportunities as Dojo community. You can follow us and join in for more tips and resources to help you improve as a freelance programmer. Improving your skills takes time and effort, but remember that it's worth it in the end. Never stop learning, let yourself keep growing, and always push yourself to be the best programmer you can be.


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