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How to Get Noticed as a Freelancer

Today’s world is competitive and fast. Embracing change is vital to keep moving. This climate can be challenging for freelancers to stand out from the crowd. However, by highlighting your talent and expertise, you also highlight your chances of getting noticed by potential clients. Besides, if you define yourself right, you can find a community for yourself to be a part of. Here are some tips to help you get noticed as a freelancer:

Showcase your talent: Your unique selling point is always your talent. Because it is special for every individual. You must showcase it as it’s the most valuable piece of jewelry! To do that, start by creating a portfolio. Full of your best work that can highlight your distinctive skills. To showcase your work, use every social media platform, especially LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. This is your way of connecting with potential clients. Always keep in mind that your portfolio should be visually appealing and easy to navigate.

Highlight your expertise: When you’re a freelancer, it’s always crucial to specialize your expertise. This helps you define your domain of expertise and makes it easier for your potential clients to find you. Because of that, you must highlight your expertise on your website and social media profiles. Always make sure you answer this question on your profiles: What services do you offer? Creating a "services" page that outlines the services you offer and the skills you have can be your response on your profile.

Communication with other freelancers: If you want to be a successful freelancer, networking is an essential part of your job. While you are already going online, then join online communities and try to attend events that are relevant to your expertise and industry. This’ll open your way to building relationships with other freelancers and potential clients. That means you can get support and new jobs at the same time! Networking is also important to learn about new opportunities and keep up-to-date with industry trends.

Offer value: As a freelancer, you must be aware of the value of your work. Because when you’re starting out as a freelancer, you also offer a new kind of value to your (potential) clients. It’s possible with going above and beyond their expectations by providing excellent service with your talent. If you can be consistent on your offer value, they'll be more likely to return to you for more and recommend you to others.

Be consistent: Starting out as a freelancer is no easy job, we know that. This is why consistency is key when it comes to building your reputation. The secret is in delivering high-quality work on time, responding to clients promptly, and maintaining a professional profile. By being consistent, you'll build trust with your clients and show yourself as a reliable freelancer.

Getting noticed as a freelancer requires a special combination. A combination of expertise, networking, value, and consistency. All the roads from there lead you to us: DojoTalent. A special place for talented starters. Turn the wheel to us and find yourself a community you’re worthy of.


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